Don’t let crowded teeth or other alignment and spacing issues hurt the look and overall health of your smile — talk to the friendly and experienced staff at Tardy Orthodontics to take advantage of our Mansfield crowded teeth treatment.   Experience the expertise of an orthodontist Dr. Tardy is a well respected and established orthodontist that proudly serves the local Mansfield area. From our Mansfield missing teeth treatment to a variety of other services, we help our patients achieve relief from the pain, discomfort and embarrassment that comes with misaligned, crooked teeth. There are a variety of ailments that can plague the look and health of your smile. They include:
  • Crowded teeth: Our crowded teeth treatment in Mansfield TX addresses a pretty common spacing issue within both adults and teens. Teeth will crowd together when there is not enough space in the jaw line. This can lead to pain, discomfort, plaque build-up, tooth decay and more. Through our Mansfield crowded teeth treatment, we are able to open up the necessary room to accommodate your teeth.
  • Missing teeth: Whether you lost a tooth/teeth in an accident or they gradually decayed, our Mansfield missing teeth treatment can replace them. Dr. Tardy is an authority in dental implants. She can recommend and coordinate care for missing teeth treatment in Mansfield TX that fills the void with a strong, durable and natural looking implant.
  • Impacted teeth: Often a result of crowding, some teeth don’t erupt in the dental arch the way they should. Dr. Tardy and her staff offer Mansfield impacted teeth treatment that expands this area and facilitates proper eruption.
  From our impacted teeth treatment in Mansfield TX to teeth whitening, gingival contouring and more — Dr. Tardy and her team offer a full menu of treatments to address the many potential problems with your teeth and oral health.   Set up a consultation We can provide you with a free consultation to help shine a light on any oral problems you are facing. Have a chance to ask us more about our Mansfield crowded teeth treatment and other corrective methods by scheduling an appointment.